You need someone to help you manage the headache of the online world.

Are you a small business owner who feels overwhelmed by marketing your business online? Do you spend your marketing budget and wonder what your return on investment was? Or have you avoided the online marketing side of things altogether?

The Dark Horse Group is a marketing agency that specializes in helping business owners manage their marketing online. As an entrepreneuer and business owner, your time is precious and we understand your needs for results, simple yet effective analysis, and partnering with an agency that can work on its own.

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While we provde a wide variety of marketing services, our core four offerings include the following:

  • Web Design – If you need a new website altogether, a fresh new look, or just simple management services, we¬†will provide you a web solution that will meet and exceed your business goals. From updating content to automated traffic reporting and analysis, you’ll know just what your website is doing for your business.
  • Email Marketing – Your business is as only as good as its list. We’ll help you manage your email marketing program with a customized editorial calendar and automated follow up emails that market your business automatically. Don’t have an email service or list yet? We can help with that too!
  • Online Advertising – The most important part of a website is traffic, and we have the know how to get interested visitors to your site and interacting with your products. We offer not only basic search and display services, but also can provide retargeting and remarketing campaigns. Don’t know what those are?
  • Community Management – As your business and brand grows, it’s important to continue the conversation with them. We offer community management services that converse with your biggest fans on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to nurture your customer relationships.