Google Enters Social Media Game …

Part of the Top 10 online marketing tools for small businesses includes an account with Google.  The search giant includes access to many free and useful applications,  and this week it was announced that Google has added another application to its lineup.

Google Buzz is the company’s latest entry into the social media sphere, and actually looks promising if nothing else.   The sites saw 9 million posts in two days, and its features include mobile functions that help users add “geo-tagging’ to their actions.

What does this mean for business owners?  It’s another site to meet with prospective customers, and I think in the long run this application might be the one to give Twitter a run for their money.

Google has already established its main revenue streams, and at this point as a company is simply adding new ones to become more profitable and users friendly.  Twitter on the other hand has yet to pull a profit, and given Google’s history of letting other companies find solutions and then coming back with a bigger and better one,  this might just be the killer.

The other thing to take from this is just how “wild west” the social media arena really is.  The key ways of doing things are nowhere set in stone, and now is the time for risk takers and small business owners to experiment withe multiple online marketing strategies.