Lawrence Kansas Web Design: Resource Page

I am putting together a resources page for my use as well as for other small businesses. This page will include links to tools I use, books I think are useful, and other stuff that I think someone looking to run a better web site should look at.

The page is at and I recommend you check it out on a continuing basis as I want to add to it as I move along.


I have been working on the video part of a campaign lately, and have figured out what I think is the best strategy for video SEO. Provided you don’t get hit by YouTube for using “spammy” words in your campaign (Make and Money are to never be used. At all.), it is the best service to start off with.

I am still testing on this with some other services, and the biggest thing I can tell you is that unless you have a campaign with less than 50 videos, posting times need to be dragged out as long as possible. Uploading massive amounts at once will get noticed at MetaCafe and banned very quickly. Daily Motion does allow for some big uploads, and besides YouTube they are good at dealing with a large amount of content.

The more I look at the video space though the more I realize that YouTube should really be your first and only stop for now. Every company should have 5 videos about themselves online at the least, and then targeted term videos can fill in after that. Chances are that is all you need to do (If you don’t believe me, YouTube your biggest competitor … told you.), but if they are active with video that’s when you start utilizing multiple sites.

On a related note, I was at Netroots Nation during the Update, and most of the panels I was in on suggested that while online video is a great tool, it is not ready to be a stand alone content type. They suggested using video as either a primary reference source or as a supplement to content.