Small Business Social Media Tactic: Using Twitter for Appointments

Ok, so I was thinking about small businesses using social media tools to help increase sales like I do, and I came up with a great reason for using Twitter.

For some back ground research, one of my projects is working with the great ladies at Salon Blush.  I was thinking about how sometimes you have dropped appointments or last minute cancellations. It’s going to happen sometimes in any business, and the key to not letting this affect you is quickly letting people know you have free time and can accept a new appointment.  Enter Twitter.

If a business has a developed Twitter following, they can simply tweet out that they have free time, and that anyone responding to the Tweet will get a 5% discount for filling the time slot.  This provides incentives for your customers for following you on Twitter while allowing your business flexibility in communicating.  It also has the added benefit of marketing your business to the general public if done correctly using hashtags.

When you are logged into Twitter, there is a list of trending topics of the day.  A great way to start getting your name out there is to make a humorous play on one of the hash tags and include your business’s link.  For example, one trending topic in Chicago today is #worstfeeling.  An example for a Salon’s tweet could be:

#worstfeeling … Going out on a first date without getting your hair done.

This can help get followers, expose the brand, and help fill in appointment times.  Not bad for a free service that you can spend 10 minutes a day on and have a positive impact.