Friday Funday!

Friday’s is here!  (Seems like it came really quick this week)

This week we’ve been busy working on news clients plans in Cost Per Click advertising and developing editorial calendars for social media campaigns.  Since we are still working on these campaigns before we head out the door for the weekend, this post is going to be a bit shorter.  I am offering just a couple of tips I’ve come across this week for your use.

Tip #1: YouTube SEO Trick

Double stack your titles in the file name you upload to YouTube.  YouTube takes the file name into consideration for SEO purposes, so it makes sense to title the video appropriately.  As a small business owner, its usually easy to just upload the video straight from the source of a small camera or editing software.  I know because I’ve done this myself.

The second part of this tip is to double stack your keywords in an appropriate manner in both the file name and video title.  For example, instead of using the title “Podiatrist Talks about Foot Problems,” you could title the video “Chicago Podiatrist talks about issues Facing Chicago Podiatrists.”  This helps you in the rankings and lets YouTube and Google really understand what the video is about.

Tip #2 Twitter Research Tools

For those of you who remember an earlier post about Twitter Tactics, I mentioned a tool called  I liked the application and the way it provided intelligence on Tweeple out there.  This week I found 4 more I wanted to pass along for use.  They are:

Play around with them and see what you like.  The best way to use these in the beginning stages of any listening campaign is to find out who the biggest Twitter celebrities in your locale are, and see which ones might be incorporated into establishing an online campaign.  Offering a heavily followed Twitter user some opportunity to interact with your product is good, but having them mention you in a positive light is even better.

That’s all for this week.  By this time next week the Cubs will be in Spring training, and spring will be on its way :)