Lawrence Kansas Web Design: Friday Funday!

I have been bad.

I said I would have tried out the free commerce WordPress plugin.

I said I would have some new WordPress themes out.

It’s been a busy week.  So I lied.

This week has seen a new project come up as well as some consulting for a completely different industry.  Some people I know were looking at buying a restaurant, and I was brought in to help determine what the project looked like.  As such, I was not able to get what I wanted.

But, such is life, and that’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about some links I wanted to share this week.

The first is a list of augmented reality apps for Android phones.  Augmented reality is going to be a major player in search on mobile devices but it is stay in its infancy.  I would even suggest its in its gestation but whatever.  The point is, there are apps on phones now that act like a search engine through what you see.  You want to learn about a store on your way to work?  You can use Google Goggles to search it by taking a picture.  Better apps include Layar which project links and info over the screen your phone presents to you.  You can read more here:  Which just means it is important to have all of your basic webpages made and current.  By this I mean Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter and YouTube as a lot of these apps are pulling there basic info from 3rd party sites and not yours.

If you were watching Jimmy Fallon late this week, you might have seen him hold up a QR code to help promote a new band that was performing on his show that night.  That little code box led viewers directly to the band’s website.  If you still don’t know what a QR code is, it is important you get familiar.  These are basically 2D barcodes that are very useful on Smart Phones.  You can see the clip from Mashable’s writeup here:

I want to talk about QR codes in a way that rang true to me from my days in retail.  Imagine having a store where the independent shopper, the one who doesn’t need help, is allowed to find information out about any product simply by using their phone to use a QR code which brings information back directly either from your staff or the manufacturer.  This means shoppers are allowed to browse at their own pace without staff assistance if necessary.  If you operate a food service operation, imagine placing a QR code in your front window which takes customers to a page describing your daily special.

And lastly, just in case you were wondering, Facebook isn’t going any where.

Happy weekend!  I’m off to enjoy this weather!