Lawrence Kansas Web Design: Friday Funday!

Another week, another Funday!

Hope those free WordPress themes are usable to some of you out there.  There will be more to come and in another experiment with shopping plugins, I will be adding a store of themes for sale hopefully in the next week or so.

In the mean time, I did want to share some links like I do every Friday.  For those of you following the news out of Egypt, and Tunisia to a lesser extent, social media has played a large way in the revolutions of those countries.  Here is a link about some of the social media usage and its implications:  I do want to keep in mind though that estimates of 300 people have been killed in Egypt during the protests, and that the article might take this a bit likely, it is important to understand that social media effectively toppled a regime.  That’s a big thought, and worth pondering for a second.

Facebook messages is finally going live to all users whether for good or for worse.  Rumors have been running that users can now get an address, but since I have not had a chance to use it yet I cannot verify it.  The system has been getting dinged for the way it handles messages, chat, sms and other messaging formats, so expect it to take a while before they finally appease most of the users.  You can read about that here:

Online video is only starting it’s run to dominance online.  Internet usage experts believe that YouTube will soon pass for most page views per day, and it comes back to my central thesis that video is the preferred method of information exchange over pure text. This link: has some amazing stats about video usage that anyone with a video marketing program should look at.  The key to a viral video? Make a :15 second spot for your consumer packaged good available on Facebook to 27 year old women with an emphasis on Southern and Midwestern states.  Boo Yah!

Thats all for this week.  I plan on putting out some more free WordPress themes and will have the new store up and running with some feedback by the start of March.  Have a fun weekend and I’ll see you later.